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The Technical Matrix 1
(Also available: The Technical Matrix 2)

by Robert Long & Brian Cullen

A4; 106pp; download sample unit

The Technical Matrix is a textbook for engineering students. It features a unique combination of core skills suitable for all types of engineers and separate strands for the major disciplines of civil engineering/architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer & network engineering, and chemical and material engineering.

In the core skills sections, the students learn important common language and engage in projects to be able to deal with their field in English such as preparing a job application, reading scientific papers, and writing a scientific paper and making presentions.

In the specialized strands, students get practice reading authentic up-to-date information from their own fields in the form of natural email exchanges, reading and conversations. Each unit features vocabulary tasks to internalize the vocabulary of their own discipline, comprehension tasks to help them understand the texts, and language tasks to ensure that they can use the language in their own writing and conversation.

Use this book for:

  • University English courses for engineers
  • English for science and technology
  • Company courses
  • ESP courses




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