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I Am Me!

by Steve T. Fukuda, Christopher Pope, Hiroshi Sakata, Takaki Fukumori

B5; 100pp

I am me! contains over ten years of polished content from the authors’ courses in the EFL context from the false-beginner to pre-intermediate level. The material has been used for general English, business conversation, EAP, and CILL, and as a learning resource in self-access centers.

In the text, the students first study English through familiar topics of personal experience which build a foundation to tackle the more academic-like texts in psychology and self-growth, gaining confidence before the speaking and writing sections. The psychology-related topics of self-discovery and self-growth relate to each student individually, and foster the hands-on skills necessary for job hunting, daily life, and success in academic studies and language learning. It has been highly effective in not only improving English, but also reducing students' individual psychological distance towards English while increasing their internal motivation to study.

Use this book for:
  • University general English courses
  • Self-access center learning resources
  • EAP courses in psychology or language majors
  • Conversational classes



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