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Academically Speaking

by  Mauro Lo Dico, Steven Shea, Nicolai Struc, James Michael Underwood, Richard John Walker

A4; 100pp

Academically Speaking is designed to develop discussion skills for academic contexts, based on the premise that such discussion is characterized by topic-specific vocabulary and appropriate communication strategies and discourse markers. While providing content, vocabulary, and skills for improving fluency, it is the systematic practice of discourse markers, from guided to less-structured, that distinguishes this textbook from others.

Academically Speaking helps students develop relevant knowledge and skills in six broad academic themes, each divided into three engaging topics, for a total of 18 units. Each unit comprises six sections, the first three providing students with the necessary background knowledge and vocabulary for conversations in the latter sections. Vocabulary exercises introduce the academic words that appear in the reading. Reading is a brief overview of the topic and some of its main issues, followed by Comprehension questions that check the reader’s understanding.

The second half of each unit focuses exclusively on discussion: Warm Up activates background knowledge about the topic, Functions presents discourse markers, together with drilling activities, to facilitate fluent discussion of the topic, and finally, Discussion provides the opportunity to notice and use all the vocabulary, knowledge, and functions together in freer conversations about the subject at hand.

Academically Speaking is an invaluable resource for all those who want to build on their basic conversational skills and discuss academic topics fluently and with confidence.

Use this book for:

✔ Small or large oral communication classes
✔ Discussion and debate classes
✔ Preparation for study abroad
✔ Language school discussion materials



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