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A Way With Words

by Paul Lewis

A4; 54 pp

A Way With Words improves students’ comprehension and expression by developing vocabulary, an area often neglected in language study. By use of simple comprehensible texts, students are encouraged to find ways of coping with unknown words without immediately resorting to a dictionary. Students learn and practice many useful skills such as:

  • interpreting contexts
  • guessing meaning
  • identifying parts of speech
  • analysing words for roots and affixes

Encouraging creative expression

The book is divided into twelve useful topics, including food, houses, education, and technology. At the end of each unit, students create a large “Word map” to store and group related words, thus encouraging clear and creative thought and facilitating easy recall of learned vocabulary.

Flexibility of use

The book can be used as a parallel text for students to work on at home, with the teacher acting as facilitator. Alternatively, discussion and pair-work activities included in each unit allow more in-class work to be done if the focus of the course includes vocabulary development. A free downloadable answer guide makes the book ideal for self-study also.

Use this book for:

  • Reading-based classes
  • Supplementary material for general English courses
  • Vocabulary building courses
  • Self-study
  • Preparation for study abroad or travelling




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