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Bedside Manner

by Simon Capper

A4; 124pp

Bedside Manner is not a nursing manual or nursing textbook. It is a “first step” basic introduction to nursing English for nurses who want to learn everyday vocabulary and expressions related to their job—language that will benefit them in a variety of situations.The book avoids using specialized nursing language, instead focusing on the practical, everyday health-related language used by patients.

Bedside Manner introduces natural language in communicative contexts, not just by providing long lists of vocabulary for memorization (though memorization is also important). It aims to provide a solid grounding in basic vocabulary, questions and sentence structures, recycling language through a series of keyword recreations and role plays. Bedside Manner also promotes the use of learning opportunities, encouraging learners to recycle and revisit tasks and activities, both in and out of class, in order to maximise the full value of the materials.

Crosswords provide out of class reinforcement, with options for in-class use (as communicative information gap pair work activities, as group challenge activities or for in-class tests). Extensive illustrations give the target language clarity and accessibility, and reduce the need for L1 translation. However, an extensive vocabulary index is also provided. Bedside Manner also offers extensive opportunities for vocabulary building through prefix—root—suffix vocabulary support materials.

Bedside Manner is ideal for language teachers without a nursing background.The course may be used intensively over a 15-class period, or over two 15-week semesters at a more leisurely and enjoyable pace. Bedside Manner offers extensive listening and vocabulary building practise, available to learners via downloadable audio files.

A comprehensive Teacher's Guide is available for this book as a free pdf. To obtain your copy, please contact Perceptia Press.


Use this book for:

  • Health-related general English classes
  • Community Centre classes
  • Nursing, Medical, Health and Welfare English Classes




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