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Colour Your English!

Learning Collocations by Colouring in

by Stephanie Hirschman & Amy Alton Bautz

A4; 108 pp

ISBN: 978-4911164-00-6                                 BUY ON AMAZON

OLS (Online Learning Support) Available 

Every language learner dreams of being able to join in with everyday conversations in real-life contexts, but it can be difficult to remember the words you need and use them naturally. Colour Your English! offers a unique way of noticing, recording, and activating useful collocations, the basic building blocks of language, and phrases that really lend colour to the way we speak.

Each of the twelve units is centred around a location in a town, and in each unit, students review and extend more than thirty collocations with common verbs and nouns while practising listening and speaking skills. The central activityŚcolouring a sceneŚtests recall and provides an attractive and user-friendly permanent record of target language for revision. The speaking activities have been designed to boost confidence and fluency for B1/B2 students in real-life situations

This book is accompanied by a subscription-based Online Learning Support package, with copious activities for extra practice for learners. Learners need to purchase a password for access; it is free for teachers. To purchase, click here (opens on an external site): OLS. For more details, contact us.

Use this book for:

  • General English classes
  • Vocabulary development
  • Speaking & Conversation classes
  • Self Study

About the Authors

Stephanie Hirschman is an English language teacher and materials writer now living in the UK, and Amy Alton Bautz is an artist and art educator living in the USA. Working together on this book has been a continuation of a life-long conversation about playfulness, creativity, and learning. From painting together while learning French in nursery school, to making their own Latin comic book in high school, to the innovative pedagogy of Colour Your English!, Stephanie and Amy share a love of language and art.

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