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Conversation Master

by Jim Smiley & Jon Catanzariti

B5; 83pp: 2,000 yen plus tax

Real conversations in English do not follow a question-answer format. Questions are useful in starting conversations. What happens next is a matter for the members of the conversation. Someone may comment on the original question; another may answer it with a new question or try to change the topic altogether. The different personalities in a conversation show themselves as they try to assert their turns, control the conversation, play a less dominant part, and perform other roles. These actions are typical in genuine conversations. Conversation Master introduces students to more authentic models that reflect the dynamics of genuine English conversation.

Conversation Master introduces students to key aspects of conversations. Students learn how to use ums and yeahs to show interest in their conversation partner's speech, and how to echo to express emotion as well overlap the current speaker effectively. Students get practice in rephrasing what they heard to confirm meaning. They learn ways of clarifying potential misunderstandings. Students see methods of getting speaking time and of softening their opinions.

The twelve units allow students ample space to develop spoken abilities in a range of interesting and relevant topics. Each unit also features a language focus section that provides students with language support.

Use this book for:

  • University conversation classes
  • General conversation classes
  • Preparation courses for overseas study and travel




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