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Eat Well! New edition in colour

by Bob Jones and Brent Simmonds

A4; 100 pp

ISBN: 978-4-911164-04-4

OLS (Online Learning Support) Available

This brand new and completely revised edition of the popular book Eat Well! contains twelve units which aim to provide English language training as a supplementary course to university nutrition majors. The book covers the mechanics of nutrition with a focus on good diets, the range of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats), their effects on the body, and risks to be avoided. Further units focus on global nutrition issues, including a obesity, malnutrition, care of the elderly, and school meals.

Each unit includes a reading text, listening and key language exercises, and communicative tasks. Plenty of new lexis is introduced and by the end of the course, students should be well equipped to explain the basics of nutrition in English and also take part in discussions relating to nutrition issues.

A full Teacher's Manual is also available as a free pdf. Please contact the publisher or distributor directly to obtain your copy.


This book is accompanied by a subscription-based Online Learning Support package, with copious activities for extra practice for learners. Learners need to purchase a password for access; it is free for teachers. To purchase, click here (opens on an external site): OLS. For more details, contact us.

Use this book for:

  • Nutrition classes
  • Food science classes
  • Medical, nursing, human science, and agriculture majors


About the Authors

Robert E. (Bob) Jones was born in Liverpool, England. He has been working in Japan since 1990 and runs his own small school, the REJ English House, in Ena City, Gifu. He also teaches part-time at Sugiyama Women’s University in Nagoya. Before coming to Japan, he taught English in Spain, Sweden, Malaysia, and the UK.

Brent Simmonds, originally from East Sussex, England, has been working in Japan since 2005 and teaches at several universities in Nagoya. Before coming to Japan, he taught English in China. He is passionate about cricket and enjoys travelling, saying that travel broadens the gastronomic mind.



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