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English Care

by Jim Smiley

A4; 92 pp

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English Care promotes truly communicative English abilities using health care topics. Each of the three skills of speaking, listening, and reading are developed through genuinely interactive tasks. Genuinely communicative pair activities accompany grammar and vocabulary items which helps students to remember the new items while also giving lots of opportunities to personalise their language production. This textbook is designed for mid-to-upper elementary level students and the writing component aims to develop students' ability to look at English texts and realise how organic language is and how to use reading to self-study English.

The 15 units explore various current health themes including caring for the elderly, ergonomics, and sports injuries. The main readings contain a central question that deepens students' awareness of the health issue. Each topic combines a social issue with a health one which helps students understand the connections between health care and wider society.


English Care is full of achievable activities. Although most tasks have single answers, they all require deeper thinking about how that answer is arrived. Elementary level students will feel satisfied knowing that they can understand and produce quite complex and relevant language, and teachers will feel confident that the types of language skills being developed are useful for students.

The format of the book is modelled on more traditional textbooks to ensure students and teachers feel comfortable using it. However, the activity types and contents reflect modern notions of communicative language teaching. The blend of the traditional and the new produces a rewarding and usable combination.

Use this book for:

  • Oral communication classes
  • Reading classes
  • Health-related general English classes
  • Community Centre classes
  • Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Medical, Dentistry, Health and Welfare English Classes





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