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The Environment Project

Solutions for a Changing World

by  Jeff Morrow

A4; 92pp

ISBN: 97849-39130-32-8                                   BUY ON AMAZON

The Environment Project: Solutions for a Changing World is for students of Environmental Science and also for anyone in classes with an international outlook. Twelve units with a learner-centered approach provide copious practice in all four skills, while covering vocabulary on a range of timely topics such as recycling, pollution, erosion, nuclear energy, and environmental economics.

Designing Solutions
At its heart is a series of “Design It” activities where students create and present solutions to issues related to the topics involved, encouraging them to think outside the box and helping them build a solid foundation in collaborative problem solving, discussing, and presenting that will be useful in their future lives and careers.

Flexible Approach
The Environment Project
is highly flexible and can be used as a main coursebook at various levels of instruction, and is also easily adapted to function as supplementary material for a range of other course types. The activities are varied and engaging, and the listening features a radio podcast recorded at various levels of difficulty to allow teachers to select the most appropriate for the class. Other activities can be adapted to large and small classes, as well as high, low, and mixed-level groups. Full details and notes are provided in a comprehensive Teacher’s Pack, available for free on request from the publisher.

Use this book for:

✔ Environmental Science, General Science, and Ecology classes
✔ Reading, Vocabulary, and Discussion classes
✔ Research-based courses
✔ Presentation classes
✔ Elevating students’ overall communicative competence and knowledge




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