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by Jim Smiley

B5; 92pp

A house is useful metaphor for language. Traditionally, language learning has presented the bricks as vocabulary and the mortar as grammar. Many students go through compulsory education and become tired of associating English with grammar. Frames re-frames (pun intended) this learning in two ways; it presents vocabulary chunks—or lexical phrases—alongside prepositions. The house bricks, or vocabulary chunks, are cemented together by the mortar, or prepositions. In this manner, students can readily see the meaning of sentences as well as their underlying structure. This leads to the second of Frames’ purposes: to re-frame students’ prior learning in a positive, success-driven system.

Frames is aimed at the false beginner who wishes to restart his or her English language education by developing a dynamic view of language that will be generative in future English study.

Use this book for:

  • False beginners
  • University classes
  • Business English classes that focus on communication
  • Private self-study
  • Any general English language class for beginners



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