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The Great Debate

by James Venema

B5; 58pp

The Great Debate is designed as an introductory textbook to debate for EFL/ESL students. Within it, you will find the accumulated ideas and insights of more than ten years of teaching debate to EFL students of varying levels, from lower intermediate to advanced. The primary focus of this book is to provide a structure, as well as language samples, that gives students the scaffolding they need to prepare for and participate effectively in debates. 

A dual focus on reading and writing debate speeches—as well as giving and listening to them—makes this textbook an appropriate choice for both spoken communication and writing classes. While most teachers consider debate to be an oral task, it can also be a highly effective way to introduce students of English to argumentative and academic writing in a way that is both accessible and engaging. Whether the primary purpose is writing, speaking, or both, The Great Debate is an accessible introduction to debate for both students and teachers.

Use this book for:
* Debate classes
* Oral Communication classes
* Writing classes

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