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An Introduction to Ancient Greece

by Mauro LO DICO

ISBN978-4-939130-39-7 A4; 106 pp

In full colour

An Introduction to Ancient Greece, the opening volume in the Introduction to History series, presents a straightforward and engaging narrative of one of the major origins of Western civilization, in full colour and with supporting activities for each of its 25 topics. Succinctly presented, classical Greek history and culture, from its modest beginnings millennia ago to an enduring legacy still felt today, is made more accessible than ever.

Written in a lucid style for both non-native and younger native English speakers alike, each unit comprises four sections. The first contains vocabulary activities that prepare learners for the informative reading on the next page, which is accompanied by a corresponding visual, such as a map or family tree, to aid understanding. The word count of successive texts slightly lengthens to accommodate the later, more detailed content as well as to improve reading skills. The third part consists of comprehension exercises, while the fourth includes discussion questions that demonstrate each subject’s relevance to the present day, a recommended homework research project to delve a little deeper into each issue, and a related image for added interest. Finally, a glossary lists related Greek terminology along with curious facts.

This book, then, is the ideal place to begin learning about the ancient Greeks, who have influenced much of the world through their writings, buildings, art, science, politics, sports, and more!

Use this book for:

✔ Reading classes (or as a graded reader)
✔ History & Classics classes
✔ (Comparative) Culture courses
✔ Research-based courses
✔ Self-study (as a resource)



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