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Home Run! Team History MLB

Brand new edition!

by Jerry Halvorsen

B5; 56 pp

ISBN: 97849-39130-92-2                                    BUY ON AMAZON


Home Run! Team History MLB gives a fascinating insight into the 30 teams that make up the popular sport of American Major League Baseball while students learn English. Each unit features a photo and interesting histories of two Major League teams, as well as comprehension and vocabulary exercises, conversation starters, and a writing assignment. Additional research project ideas are provided, giving students a wide range of options to satisfy any learning style. A glossary of terms and a history of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York are also included.

Written with Japanese students in mind, Home Run! includes many stories about Japanese players in Major League Baseball and their impact on the game.

Use this book for:

* Reading & discussion classes
* Extensive reading
* Sports courses
* Culture courses
* Extra homework assignments





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