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In Hot Water

Stories of Surprise, Adventure, and (Mis)communication in Japan

by David P. Shea

A5; 124 pp

ISBN: 97849-39130-30-4                                 BUY ON AMAZON

In Hot Water is a collection of 26 fun and easy-to-read short stories that introduce exciting situations, warm humor, and cross cultural views of life in Japan.

Some stories involve surprise and astonishment, including magic chocolate, Halloween ghosts, and strange people sitting next to you on the train. Others are full of danger, like finding wild animals in the kitchen, setting the house on fire (almost), and going skiing the first time on a very steep mountain. Still others introduce the difficulty (and excitement) of communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds, such as the handicapped man who just wanted to shake hands on the train, the farmer with a very unusual family recipe, and the grandfather who explained the tricky art of taking a hot bath!

In addition to the stories, there are discussion questions and activities ideal for an interactive, creative classroom; the book can also be used as an individual reader as well as a textbook for study at either high school or university level. In addition, online word lists and comprehension questions allow review and self-study.

“Sometimes David tells the truth. Mostly he exaggerates.” – Haruka, colleague
“My brother is a complete liar. Don't believe a word he says.” – Robbie, younger brother
“It's too bad he can't hear insects.” – James, anthropologist
“The stories are fun, the best part of the class!” – third year student

 About the author

David Shea has lived in Tokyo since 1993. After studying in the FALCON program at Cornell, he received a PhD in foreign language education from the University of Georgia and has taught in the Faculty of Business & Commerce at Keio University since 2000. He has published articles on intercultural communication, language pedagogy, and bilingual policy but his main interest is teaching in the EFL classroom.


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