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In The Driver's Seat

by Fiona Wall Minami

B5; 78pp

“Get in the driver’s seat, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the journey!” 

In the Driver’s Seat provides a stimulating course for students who are ready to take their communication skills to the next level. By writing their own worksheets and leading group discussions, students develop English through meaningful assignments and are encouraged to interact and speak English naturally with their peers. 

15 units provide more than enough material for a typical semester of 90 minute classes, or a year of hourly lessons, taken at a more leisurely pace. Each unit contains a variety of discussion activities, vocabulary exercises, games, and thought-provoking questions. Topics include: food, movies, sports, countries & stereotypes, childhood memories, health, and future dreams. 

Quick questions about this book...

1. Will students really do 90% of the speaking in class? Yes ✔
2. Will this book improve both speaking and writing skills? Yes ✔
3. Are the topics appealing to students of all ages and backgrounds? Yes ✔
4. Will students become more confident in expressing their opinions? Yes ✔
5. Is this book easy to use for both teachers and students? Yes ✔ 

Use this book for:

✔ University students University Classes
✔ High School Students
✔ Adult Learners
✔ Discussion and Oral Communication Classes 

• CEFR B1-B2




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