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Linguistic Soup

Recipes for Success

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by Richard Caraker

A4; 102 pp

Linguistics Soup: Recipes for Success is an applied linguistics course for English as a second language classes, which integrates the content of teaching methodology and second language acquisition theories with task-based reading, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary exercises. It is a CLIL course for students interested in increasing both their English proficiency and their knowledge of principles of language teaching and learning.

The seven units alternate between reading and listening input, and challenge students from CEFR A2-B2 levels. The content is presented through a variety of genres, including blogs, radio interviews, roundtable discussions, university lectures, and encyclopedia entries. Preservice teachers benefit from relevant and high interest topics, such as communicative competence, individual differences in language learning, English dialects, educational psychology, aspects of language teaching and learning, and second language acquisition theories. 

Students interact with the content through honing group discussion skills, engaging in information gap activities, participating in mock interviews, delivering oral presentations, and writing academic essays. Targetted at university students who want to be English teachers in the future, Linguistic Soup: Recipes for Success can also be motivating materials for anyone interested in increasing English proficiency and learning about how languages are learned and taught.

Use this book for:

  • Teaching methodology classes
  • Skill-based English classes
  • Oral communication classes
  • Integrated skills classes
  • Pre-service teacher training classes

About the Author

Richard Caraker has been teaching applied linguistics and academic English skills at Nihon University’s Department of English Language and Literature since 2011, and before that taught content-based English courses for medical, nursing, and rehabilitation students in rural Japan. A resident of Japan since 1992, he loves creating a learning environment where students have fun and take charge of their learning. A sax player since high school, Rich enjoys playing in jazz combos and rockin' style bands in Tokyo and Yamanashi.

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