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Nursing Care

by Jim Smiley & Michiyo Masui

A4; 92pp

Nursing Care fills a much-needed demand for a communicative text aimed at mid-elementary learners of English. Natural language and situations for language use allow students to practice likely uses of English in the nursing environment.

A fundamental principle underpinning Nursing Care is the idea that medical language is hierachical. Language used between medical professionals is different from that used between professionals and patients. Nursing Care presents medical language at the layman’s level. Students learn how to discuss nursing topics in a way that is useful both for their communication with patients and for their own English language development.

The twelve units in Nursing Care cover a wide range of topics, including the decision to become a nurse, typical nursing duties, common illnesses, hygiene, and how to deal with foreign patients.

Use this book for:

  • University nursing courses
  • Self-study with the audio and workbooks
  • Health and welfare courses
  • Any health-related university course

 A workbook to accompany this book is available separately.



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