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Inspiring Olympians

Stories of great Olympians and what they did afterwards...

by Jerry Halvorsen & Sally Kobayashi

B5; 88 pp

ISBN: 978-4-939130-20-5                                          BUY ON AMAZON

OLS (Online Learning Support) Available

Inspiring Olympians features Summer Olympic athletes who have inspired and uplifted people around the world in times of conflict, health crisis, and peace. Their stories are timeless and will continue to inspire us all as we face new challenges. 

Each unit features vocabulary exercises and a reading text with comprehension checks followed by topics to consider and research. Crossword puzzles reinforce vocabulary, conversation activities can be used with any unit in the classroom or online, and Stars for Success is a unique way to think about goals and how to achieve them.

Written with students everywhere in mind, Inspiring Olympians aims to bring out the best in them, acting as a motivating force to reach out and help others.

Use this book for:

  • Reading & discussion classes
  • Extensive reading
  • Self-study
  • Sports courses
  • Culture courses
  • Private lessons
  • Extra homework assignments


This book is accompanied by a subscription-based Online Learning Support package, with copious activities for extra practice for learners. Learners need to purchase a password for access; it is free for teachers. To purchase, click here (opens on an external site): OLS. For more details, contact us.

About the Authors

Jerald (Jerry) Halvorsen was born and raised in the Midwest of the United States. His first memory of the Olympics was watching Kip Keino (Unit 8) winning the Gold Medal in the 1500m at Mexico City 1968. His book Home Run: Team History MLB (2011) was also published by Perceptia Press. He teaches at several universities in Sapporo, Japan.

M. Sally Kobayashi was born in an American internment camp and grew up in Chicago. She is a freelance writer and retired teacher. She wrote the “Conversation Classroom” weekly bilingual column for the largest newspaper in Hokkaido, where she is a long-time resident. Her first Olympic experience was attending a hockey game at the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics.


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