Hey Raging river, won't you carry me
Carry me down to the sea
Hey Raging river, won't you carry me on
To the place where your wisdom is found
For I cannot live on this dry land, I'm drowning
And I see truth no more
Hey raging river, won't you carry me
I'm waiting here on your shore

Hey towering mountain, high over the Earth
Tell me, what am I worth
Hey towering mountain, answer my plea
Tell me how you judge me
Am I fit to stand in your shadow, I'm falling
And I see my spirit is two
Hey towering mountain, just for a short while
I'd like to see with your view

There's power in the mountains, there's might in the sea
There's strength in all nature but me
But I too can be strong, if I only try
A strength that never will die
So I linger with you my teachers to learn from your wisdom profound
To live without destruction
To love this sweet world all around