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Computers for Communication Book 3: PowerPoint

by Paul Lewis & Brian Cullen

A4; 96pp

Computers for Communication Part C: PowerPoint is more than a manual for learning this popular software. Whether English is your first language or a foreign language, this is a highly flexible book for learners and teachers to explore ways of using the computer as a tool for communication.

Achievable Tasks...

Learners are provided with numerous screenshots of PowerPoint, and encouraged to explore their way around, making notes as they go. Right from the outset, the focus is on achievable tasks, and this book covers everything from switching on the computer to creating slideshows, and adding graphics, animation, and multimedia.

Communicative Themed Activities...

Icons guide the user through many useful and realistic thinking, speaking, and doing activities, as they investigate the world of voluntary organisations. Working in pairs, groups, or on their own, learners create and give presentations about themselves, an organisation, and other topics such as endangered animals and running a fundraiser.

Classroom or Self-Study...

Extra resources are provided as free downloads from the Perceptia Press website at www.perceptiapress.com. These include teachers' notes and a self-access guide, so this book is highly suitable for anyone wanting to learn PowerPoint by self-study.

Use this book for:

  • PowerPoint skills classes
  • Presentation or speech classes
  • Oral Communication classes
  • Self-study
  • Improving communication skills for job-hunting


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