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Reaching Out

by Robert Long

A4; 110pp; download sample unit.

Reaching Out is designed to help students to become familiar with the basic words, expressions, and interactions of intercultural conversations. The textbook engages students in a series of realistic intercultural situations in which they might find themselves in, either in their home countries or abroad. Through real life scenarios, students can begin to develop real-life interactive communicative skills.

Reaching Out builds through a series of motivational tasks to draw together multiple pedagogic strands to help students to quickly develop vocabulary and grammatical skills. It also features a strong focus on pragmatic speech acts which are essential in intercultural communication including complimenting, assuming, accepting and rejecting invitations.

By the end of the text, students will have developed not only basic comprehension and grammatical structures, but also be able to engage in real intercultural conversations.

Use this book for:

  • Oral Communication classes
  • Conversation or Speaking classes
  • Discussion classes
  • Research-based classes
  • Improving communication skills for job-hunting




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