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by Brian Cullen & Sarah Mulvey

A4; 80pp (in full colour)

Scraps is a unique textbook that allows your students to talk about what they really know–their own lives! In each unit, students improve their vocabulary, listening, and speaking as they look at a page from a model scrapbook.

But it's the second half of each unit that your students will really love. Students paste in their own photos, maps, sketches, and anything else they like to make their own genuine scrapbook page. Of course, the scrapbook page is heavy coloured paper just like a real scrapbook. In the following class, they talk about their scrapbooks in pairs and groups. Students learn to talk about themselves in important topics such as family, hobbies, school, and dreams.

At the end of the course, students tear the scrapbook pages out of the book, attach the cover, and voila–they have their very own English scrapbook. Every unit also contains a culture corner so that students can learn about each topic in other countries. And for presentation courses, Scraps is ideal because students know their topic so well that they can focus on presentation skills and accuracy. Scraps can be used as a main text or as supplementary material for a conversation, discussion, presentation, or research-based course.

Built-in Flexibility...

Eight two-week units make the book ideal as a main text for one semester, or as supplementary material for a longer course. The book also contains extra scrapbook pages so that students or teachers can choose more topics. Extensive teacher's notes explain in detail how to adapt the activities for use with:

  • Large classes
  • Small classes
  • Beginner level classes
  • High level classes
  • Mixed level classes

Scrapbook - For Real English...

At the end of the course, your students will have their very own English scrapbook. Perfect for introducing themselves at any time in the future, great for revising self-introductions, and an instant conversation starter for students planning to travel overseas.

Use this book for:

  • Oral Communication classes
  • Conversation or Speaking classes
  • Discussion classes
  • Research-based classes
  • Overseas travel preparation classes

A full teacher's guide is available for this book as a free pdf. To obtain your copy, please contact Perceptia Press or your distributor.

Comments About Scraps

"I used Scraps for the first time this year with 2 classes of first-year non-English majors at a women's university. For me the great thing about this course was that we were aiming at a very definite end product: the scrapbook. This gave a tight focus to the course and, also, the very nature of the material meant that the students were constantly talking about themselves and things that mattered to them. Classroom sessions became very lively as the students got into groups and showed each other their scraps. Every other week I asked them to write a report on their scraps, so they were getting plenty of practice in both speaking and writing. I collected the scrapbooks in at the end of the course and was impressed with the great effort many of the students had put in. I also learned a lot about the music that they liked, the books and magazines that they read, some interesting facts about family members... It was fun. I'll be handing the scrapbooks back to the students at the start of the next semester and my hope is that they will keep them for many years to come as a special memento."

Bob Jones, Sugiyama University



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