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Stepping Out

Stepping Out into Cross-cultural Interactions

by Robert Long

A4; 186pp

Stepping Out is a new integrated skills coursebook written for Japanese students. Students improve their English skills through learning about and interacting in a rich variety of Japan-specific cross-cultural situations. Teacher feedback is built-in, allowing the teacher to respond to student errors quickly and efficiently.

Pragmatic Focus...

Learners are encouraged to notice errors and use this awareness to improve their own skills and ability. Special tear-out gambit pages give extra practice using role play in a number of situations.

Cross Cultural Themes...

Learners are introduced to, and practice interacting with, a number of native speaker figures who appear throughout the book. Also, many Japanese cultural themes are explored, such as games, sports, food, and festivals, giving learners valuable practice at explaining these to non-Japanese.

Ample Opportunities for Practice...

The book is filled with numerous examples and exercises to give learners plenty of practice and confidence. Vocabulary is introduced gradually and recycled regularly to optimise learning.

Use this book for:

  • Oral Communication classes
  • Cultural Studies or Discussion classes
  • Adult learners
  • Preparing for travel abroad or homestays
  • ESS classes
  • Private students who want a cross-cultural focus




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