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Learner Strategies for Study Abroad

by Lesley Riley & Nick Shackleford

A4; 50pp

Suitcase is designed for high school and university students who are planning to take part in a short term study abroad program—in any English speaking country—and is most suitable for low intermediate to intermediate second language learners.

The book is divided into three sections: Pre-departure, During Study Abroad, and After Study Abroad. The emphasis is on students developing useful language learning strategies and enabling them to access information on their study abroad country independently. The book provides ample space for students to plan, write about, and monitor their language learning experiences as they prepare for and undertake their study abroad.

A comprehensive Teacher's Guide provides information and advice for presentation and extension tasks. This is available as a free pdf. To obtain your copy, please contact Perceptia Press or your distributor.


Use this book for:

  • Study abroad courses
  • Tourism courses
  • Culture classes
  • Self-study


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