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Taking Issue

by Jim Smiley

B5; 92pp

ISBN: 9784939130595

Taking Issue introduces students of English to discussion. Few students voluntarily produce a lot of language output. This text presents the key stages involved in discussion carefully and progressively to give ample support to emerging language in students. Sections in a unit build up and guide students through the concept of the topic, through consideration of the topic, to the eventual expression of opinions on the topic. To complete the given activities very little original language is required from students. Language choices are presented that allow students to become involved in the meaning without hindering their enjoyment of the topic.

Students are invited to think about their personal relationship with the topic at an indivual and meaningful level. Each unit builds up to an information exchange. The main way of using the book is to put students into pairs. One student studies one of the two texts in a unit. After language work is completed, they prepare to exchange their story information to their partner. In this manner, much more information can eventually become internalised by the student. Only after a thorough assimilation of the information and of various viewpoints on a topic need a student prepare their own thoughts.

Taking Issue is aimed at university-age students and many of the stories either assume a similar age of student or ar directly set in the college environment.

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Levels Taking Issue takes learners at the CERF Level A2 (Waystage) to Level B1 (Threshold). Waystage-level students can understand basic personal information that has a direct connection to their lives. They are able to communicate simple information-exchange tasks. To achieve a threshold-level proficiency, students need to practice isolating points in more extended discourse and to find ways of expressing those points within their existing language framework while extending their linguistic knowledge base. Threshold B1 Level users are able to present brief reasons for their opinions.

Taking Issue focusses on these skills directly, and students working with Taking Issue will see a clear path that leads from Level A2 to B1.

Use this book for:

  • University discussion classes
  • Private self-study reading text
  • Classes that focus on discourse and communication
  • Language school classes' discussion materials



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