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What is Language?

by Eleanor Kane Hinohara

A4; 132 pp

ISBN: 978-4939130-19-9                                    BUY ON AMAZON

OLS (Online Learning Support) Available 

What is Language? follows a CLIL approach. Each of the 15 units is scaffolded for learners, with a progression from lower order thinking skills (LOTS) to higher order thinking skills (HOTS). There is a mix of communicative and receptive tasks, and some focus on form through teaching Academic Word List (AWL) vocabulary and academic language skills.

Productive tasks include pair work in scaffolded discussions and individual presentations. 

The topics progress from talking about ones own language learning in Unit 1 to more cognitively-demanding topics, such as language policy in Unit 15. Further reading for students for each unit is also suggested in a comprehensive bibliography.

Each unit includes:
  1. Scaffolded pair work
  2. Listening to proficient users of English perform the above task
  3. Key vocabulary
  4. Reading for main ideas
  5. Reading section (600700 words)
  6. Reading for detail
  7. CLIL tasks using data relating to the main topic
  8. Academic Word List vocabulary tasks using words from the reading section
  9. Academic language function progressing from LOTS to HOTS
  10. Suggested individual presentation topics with space for students to take notes


This book is accompanied by a subscription-based Online Learning Support package, with copious activities for extra practice for learners. Learners need to purchase a password for access; it is free for teachers. To purchase, click here (opens on an external site): OLS. For more details, contact us.

Use this book for:

  1. CLIL courses
  2. Introduction to linguistics courses
  3. Pre-service teacher education courses
  4. Oral communication courses
  5. English seminars

About the Author

Eleanor Kane Hinohara, professor in the Faculty of International Relations, University of Shimane, Japan, has taught for over thirty years in the UK and Japan. She has focussed on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology in initial teacher education since 2010 and is especially interested in the role that Virtual Exchange can play in a CLIL approach to language learning through collaboration between educators in diverse fields.

She is the recipient of several Japanese Ministry of Education grants to investigate CLIL. She holds an MA (Hons) in English Language and Literature from the University of Glasgow, an MPhil in Publishing from Stirling University, and an MSc in TESOL from Aston University, all in the UK.

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