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Writing a Graduate Thesis in English

Creating a Strong Epistemic Argument

by Jim Smiley

B5; 66 pp

Writing a Graduation Thesis in English prepares students for the main task of their university careers. Two primary skills underpin the academic thinking required to create a successful thesis: understanding argumentation and developing a robust relationship between self and knowledge. These skills are, of course, deeply interrelated and complementary; the more aware a person is of how knowledge works, the better their academic argumentation, and the deeper their understanding of how argumentation works, the richer their writing. This book tackles these skills directly in a format that allows students to expand reflective awareness and competence in verbal expression simultaneously.
At its core is the tension between product and process in academic thinking. Educational psychology has demonstrated that students do not merely copy academic products; they need to undergo the process of learning how and why knowledge operates. Writing a Graduation Thesis in English directly addresses this in each of its twelve units. Readings focus on conceptual difficulties in knowledge development, and discussions envelop each topic, providing abundant opportunities for students to reflect on, exchange, and refine their knowledge.

Use this book for:

  • Graduation thesis preparation courses
  • Academic skills courses
  • Writing courses
  • Nature of science courses
  • Educational psychology courses
  • Cognitive science courses
  • Second-Language acquisition courses
  • Self-study for English reading

About the Author

Jim Smiley has a masterís degree in Historical Musicology from Kingís College, University of London and an undergraduate degree in Music Performance from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. Currently, he is pursuing a doctoral degree in Higher Education, specialising in Epistemic Cognition with the University of Liverpool.


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