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The World at Work 2 (Intermediate)

by John Spiri

A4; 102pp

The newly revised World at Work 2 is an invitation to students at the intermediate level to think about their future working lives, as they improve their integrated language skills. This book and its companion volume, World at Work 1 (Basic), feature interviews with people from all walks of life. Have your students ever considered becoming an advertising executive, a journalist, a flight attendant, or perhaps even an NGO worker? All these professions are included along with many others.

Language Goals

The book develops language skills, offering a rich range of authentic reading, writing, listening, and discussion activities. Listening passages for the texts are available via free downloads, so learners can add them to their MP3 players for extensive listening practice. Vocabulary is also presented and recycled throughout the book, and an “Adjective Bank” in the back helps students learn and use relevant adjectives.

A Wealth of Material

Thirty individual lessons divided between 15 units make this book ideal for a full-year course or provide a huge range of choice for a one-semester course. Plenty of additional activities allow the teacher to set theme-related homework where needed. Transcripts and answers in the back allow for easy checking and also make the book suitable for self-study.

Use this book for:

  • Listening classes
  • Conversation or Speaking classes
  • Discussion classes
  • Research-based classes
  • Improving communication skills for job-hunting




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