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Good Question


by Sam Holtzman and John Peloghitis

A4; 90pp

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Good Question! is an English communication textbook that focuses on output and self-expression. Input is scaffolded carefully to guide students through comprehensible communication models to self-expression through multiple formats (oral and written). The focus is on accuracy in extended spoken responses using content generated by writing and reading exercises.

Good Question! is specifically designed to help Japanese students make the transition from grammar and vocabulary studies to communication.

Each exercise begins with a warm-up conversation that prompts students to use their own information. Reading and vocabulary exercises expand the unit topic, followed by question making instruction and exercises and finally student interviews. Students are asked to make the unit personal by writing a journal and later on a conversation with a partner.

Good Question! encourages students to think about their own experiences and work with each other to share their thoughts in English.




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