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Octopus Activities

by Paul Lewis

B5; 84pp

Part of the It's Your Turn series by Perceptia Press, Octopus Activities is a highly flexible book which can be used as a main text or as supplementary material for a conversation, discussion, presentation, or research-based course.

Built-in Flexibility...
Fifteen 90-minute activities make the book ideal as a main text for one semester, or as supplementary material for a longer course. Extensive teachers' notes explain in detail how to adapt the activities for use with:

  • Large classes
  • Small classes
  • Beginner level classes
  • High level classes
  • Mixed level classes

Interesting, Real Activities...
Low level classes can jump straight into real, active communication. High level classes get the opportunity to discuss, research, and make presentations using a wide range of language in natural contexts. Students practice interview techniques and learn about taking notes, summarising, and giving results. Graphically based activities also allow students to use pictures and charts for effective communication.

Learner-Centred Approach...
Most of the class-time is spent with students speaking to other students, so overall teacher talking time is minimised. Hence, the teacher is able to devote much more attention to guiding learners on a one-to-one basis, even with large classes.

Use this book for:

  • Oral Communication classes
  • Conversation or Speaking classes
  • Discussion classes
  • Research-based classes
  • Improving communication skills for job-hunting

Feedback from students

Student A
"I learned how to talk with people in this class. When I talk with people, I listen to their talks seriously. I do not hold anything during conversation. I look at their eyes and make brief responses while listening. I try to be dynamic to make conversations lively. These things are difficult, but it is important for us to communicate with people."
Student B
"Through this class, I can talk everyone in this class. Before taking this class, I had not talked with all the classmates. I had not known even names or faces of some classmates. But while I was talking in this class, I remembered all of their names and faces."
Student C
"There are only a few classes of talking with classmates in my class timetable. So Octopus Activities are good for us. Octopus has many kinds of questions. When I asked my good friends to these questions, I knew things about them which I had not known until then. I found the other side of them. Thanks to this class, I made friends with classmate who I had not known."

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