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A World of Difference


by Steve Redford

A4; 90pp; download a sample unit

At the heart of A World of Difference are fourteen thought-provoking and humorous essays, written in natural yet accessible native-speaker prose. Each essay—and each chapter—encourages students to think about, write about, and discuss topics that are closely related to their own lives: love and marriage, part-time jobs, favorite seasons, the importance of having a dream, and many others.


The book aims to develop students' ability to read, think, and write about a variety of fun but stimulating topics and to nurture the ability to participate actively in discussion.

Plenty of Activities

Students begin by answering picture-based discussion questions and predicting essay content. Glosses allow the texts to be read without requiring dictionaries, increasing fluency and enjoyment. After reading, students answer comprehension questions and write some of their own. Key vocabulary exercises check students’ ability to use new words in different contexts, and authentic model conversations allow practice of key expressions in controlled situations. Finally, students are invited to write up and discuss their own ideas while reflecting on their language development.

Use this book for:

  • Reading classes
  • Reading-based writing classes
  • Reading-based discussion classes
  • General skills classes
  • Adult learners

Please note that a Teacher's Guide for this book is available as a free pdf. Please contact us or your bookseller directly to obtain your copy.


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