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Old Grammarians II

by Scott Gardner

Back! By popular demand! (Specifically: “We demand that you put cats in your next book!”)

The long-awaited second volume of humorous, grammatically challenging essays by Scott Gardner, the Old Grammarian.

Offering deep linguistic, cultural, and philosophical insights on subjects as wide ranging as speech contests, saké museums, and soccer scores, this book will inspire you and give you new perspectives on how you teach (“Next class, try taking roll in pantomime!”) and how you approach life in Japan (“Have you ever wondered, If I’m visiting someone’s home, is it rude to change their toilet washlet settings?”).

Old Grammarians II will sit proudly on your bookshelf of the finest literature (right between Oars of the Coxswain and Outside Straight). Or you can attach it to your car’s visor for a handy sunshade extension!

Illustrated by yumi yamamoto


If you're tired of reading extremely humourous stuff and want to get back to looking for the perfect textbook ...



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